There are two financing options available—one is Finance Lease and the other is Mortgage Loan. 

A lease is an agreement where a lessor, like OMLFC, grants the use of an asset to a lessee, the client, for a fee called rental payment, for a specified term.  On the other hand, a loan is a mode of financing available to a borrower to finance the purchase of an asset and use it as collateral thru mortgage. Another major difference between a lease and a loan is the ownership over the asset.  In a lease, the ownership remains with the lessor during the term of the lease, while in a loan, the ownership remains with the borrower.

In order to qualify, the company must be operational for at least 3 years with positive business performance.  For start-up companies, assessment will be depending on the merits of the business venture and owners.

  • Transportation equipment
  • Heavy equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Real estate
  • Manufacturing machineries
  • Computers and services
  • Printing equipment
  • Generator sets
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Cold storage and refrigeration equipment
  • Other assets that we may deem acceptable

In Finance Lease, the term is from 24 to 60 months depending on the type of asset to be leased.  The client will be required to put up a Guarantee Deposit.  The amount of which again, will depend on the type of asset.For loan, the available terms are from 12 to 60 months and the client will be required to put up an Equity, usually equivalent to 20% to 30% of the value of the asset.

You may inquire at any OMLF Branch near you.  Our branch locations and contact details are available at the Contact Us page.

For Individual Accounts: 

  • Duly filled out ORIX METRO Credit Application Form
  • Two (2) copies of latest 2" x 2" colored I.D. picture
  • Photocopy of company I.D.
  • Photocopy of any valid government-issued I.D.
  • Certificate of employment from employer indicating status of compensation, designation, position and tenure
  • Certified true copy of monthly payslip for the past three (3) months
  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)

For Sole Proprietors, Partnerships and Corporations: 

  • Duly filled out ORIX METRO Credit Application Form
  • Audited income statements with Income Tax Return (ITR) for the past three (3) years
  • For Corporations: SEC Registration, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and General Information Sheet (3 years)
  • For Partnership: SEC Registration, Articles of Partnership and Partner's Resolution
  • For Sole Proprietorship: DTI papers
  • Business permit
  • Updated company profile
  • Latest interim financial statements
  • Photocopy of two valid IDs of signatories and corporate secretary
  • Copy of unit price quotation from supplier, if available