Leasing Facilities

“ORIX METRO flexes your options…”

Whether on a Financial or Operating Lease arrangement, ORIX METRO flexes your options and allows you to:

Avail of advanced business solutions

We provide full service operating lease of vehicles with maintenance and fleet management. Through our subsidiaries, we offer car leasing packages with long term rental rates, inclusive of car registration and maintenance fees. This service is also available to computers and forklifts.

Save your capital and credit

Guarantee your profit by using equipment, not by owning it. With ORIX METRO, your resources are freed for other profitable uses, your credit lines virtually remain intact for other investments, assuring you of maximum profit.

Beat your budget limitations

When your budget prevents the immediate purchase of needed equipment, ORIX METRO makes acquisition a possibility.

Pay conveniently in easy payment terms

ORIX METRO gives you easier and longer payment terms compared to other bank loans and installment plans.

Overcome the effects of limitation

Your equipment may be a lot more expensive tomorrow. Purchase it now with ORIX METRO, and you only have to pay rental fees which are not only modest but also cheaper in pesos.

Eliminate obsolescence of your equipment

With ORIX METRO, it’s very easy to replace equipment before obsolescence steps in. You are not concerned with ownership of the equipment, therefore you are not compelled to keep it beyond its productive life.

Simplify accounting of your fixed asset

Accounting is simplified considerably because rent payments are recorded as tax deductible operating expenses.

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