Nature of Business

ORIX METRO offers the most diversified and comprehensive set of leasing and financial services. Its financial lease and mortgage loans cover trucks, heavy equipment, industrial machineries such as printing and packaging equipment; office equipment which includes computers, servers, copiers, and facsimile machines; medical equipment including CT scans, MRIs, optical and dental equipment; and other types of personal properties.

The company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries ORIX Auto Leasing Philippines Corporation (OALP) and ORIX Rental Corporation are engaged in operating leases of vehicles and equipment. OALP is an LTFRB franchisee which offers short term and long term car rentals with car fleet management, vehicle maintenance, comprehensive insurance, and LTO registration. It also offers value-added services such as acquisition management, roadside service, defensive driving seminars, and fleet performance reporting. ORIX Rental Corporation is a VAT-registered firm engaged in long term operating leases of motor vehicles plus computers, office equipment, and selected manufacturing equipment.

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