ORIX Rental Corporation (ORC) is committed to high standards of business ethics, as reflected in our own employee Code of Conduct, and to best practice and continuous improvement in the broader sustainability performance of our business and projects. We adhere to generally accepted practices and principles in the area of human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption.

ORC believes that our Suppliers and Contractors are increasingly important in our sustainability as well as our business and technical performance. For this reason we bind them to following this Code of Conduct. We expect them, as a minimum, to comply with the law and operate to internationally recognized standards and appropriate codes of practice. In addition, we encourage them to adopt our preferred standards and will actively engage and support those who do so.

Our minimum requirements for Suppliers and Contractors are set out in this table.

A. Corporate Governance and Ethics
ORIX Rental Corporation favors Suppliers or Contractors who share our commitment to corporate responsibility:

a) Strict compliance with the local and national laws and regulations on bribery, corruption and prohibited business practices;
b) Business conducted in accordance with high ethical standards;
c) A formal complaints management process of employees and members of the communities in which they operate or provide services to;
d) Timely and balanced disclosure of material matters concerning services provided by the Supplier or Contractor to ORC.

B. Labor and Workplace Management
ORC favors Suppliers and Contractors who share our commitment to human rights and fair employment practices:

a) Compliance with all relevant local and national laws and regulations with regard to employment practices, benefits, health and safety and anti-discrimination;
b) A workplace free of direct or indirect discrimination, harassment or bullying on the grounds of gender, age, race, nationality or ethnic origin, disability or other bias;
c) Not using child or forced labor in any form;
d) Providing fair pay and working conditions, including adequate rest periods and leave.

C. Occupational Health and Safety
ORC favors Suppliers or Contractors who are committed to maintaining and improving the work environment so that it is safe and healthy for all staff and visitors:

a) Compliance with all relevant local and national health and safety laws and regulations;
b) A written health and safety policy and standards;
c) A documented system to identify risks and reduce work-related injury and illness.

D. Environment
ORC favors Supplier or Contractors who conduct their business operations in a way that protects and sustains the environment:
a) Compliance with all relevant local and national environment laws and regulations. This includes environmental permit and reporting requirements;
b) A written environment policy;
c) A written environment management plan to identify risks from their activities and minimize their impacts on the environment.

E. Suppliers
ORC favors Suppliers and Contractors who adopt similar principles and practices to these in this Code in selecting, monitoring and managing their own suppliers and contractors:

a) Adopt similar minimum standards to these in dealing with their own key suppliers;
b) Adhere to acceptance business practices with their own suppliers, including providing for timely payment and reasonable contractual conditions.

F. Community Engagement
ORC believes every company has a responsibility to the local communities on which they have an impact and from which they profit. Our approach is to understand the issues facing the communities in which we operate, and to endeavor to conduct business in a way that builds social capital and achieves a positive impact. We favor Suppliers or Contractors who share this philosophy;

a) Identifying and assessing risks to their business from the communities in which it operates and the measures it adopts to minimize such risks.

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